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Fiber Characterization


A fiber network diagnostic (Fiber Plant Characterization) is a specialized and innovative service created by FiberWork that goes much further than just field measurements. It comprises detailed field data acquisition and their in-depth analysis by expert PhD professionals. The outcome is a set of recommendations intended towards network design optimization, capex and opex savings, better exploitation of fiber transmission capacities and future-proofing the network. Such information provide an important support for decision making before network design and upgrade as well as for dark fiber valuation, needed for fiber leasing, swap and other frequent telecom market negotiations. It helps both sides of the table to feel more confident, avoiding misleading and promoting fair negotiations.

FiberWork's list of fiber plant characterization of installed networks include:

  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)
  • Chromatic Dispersion
  • Optical Return Loss (ORL)
  • OSNR for DWDM design and upgrades
  • Spectral Attenuation

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PMD is the worst threat for high capacity fiber networks.
Over 15% of newly installed fibers are subject to PMD impairments at 10Gb/s.

Excellence in PMD Diagnostics.

Get an unbiased evaluation of your fiber network. FiberWork is not connected with fiber and cable manufacturers, equipment providers or network installers. This fact brings more confidence to our diagnostics, results and conclusions.